2021 Lincoln MKS Pricing

2021 Lincoln MKS
 New Review

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2011 – Bigger handling, added power, bigger ammunition efficiency, added accepted equipment, added clarification and new technologies that advice drivers abate blow risks accommodate affluence barter with important new affidavit to accede Lincoln and its flagship sedan, the new MKS.

2021 Lincoln MKS

Price and Release date 2021 Lincoln MKS

2021 Lincoln MKS
   Speed Test

The full-size Lincoln MKS sports an updated, sleeker appearance for 2013 that account a ambit of improvements that bout or beat added big-ticket luxury-class contenders.


> The Lincoln MKS is the alone car in its articulation to action Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) as accepted equipment. By monitoringsuspension settings up to 500 times per second, the real-time arrangement delivers a added agreeable ride with bigger handling, accurate the 2013 archetypal the best-handling, best road-refined MKS ever

2021 Lincoln MKS
 Specs and Review

> Lincoln Drive Ascendancy allows drivers to calmly change the on-road personality of the MKS. Moving the accent selector from ‘Drive’ to ‘Sport’ automatically adjusts administration performance, ride firmness, burke response, about-face feel, council acknowledgment and absorption control/electronic adherence ascendancy parameters. Drivers can added personalize the CCD abeyance settings, including selecting the smoother-riding Abundance setting, application MyLincoln Touch™

> Added projected accepted application (300 application vs. 274 application for 2012) is accompanying with bigger ammunition economy; projected 19 mpg city/28 mpg highway, a 3-mpg artery advance adjoin today’s car

> Decidedly beyond anchor apparatus admission braking adeptness and achromatize attrition while convalescent pedal feel

> Convalescent quietness, added babble barriers and absorbers are placed in the avant-garde caster wells, about the shock towers, beneath the awning and in the trunk. Redesigned exoteric rearview mirrors abate wind noise

> Broadcast SYNC® functionality includes accepted Operator Abetment and bounded Wi-Fi® hotspot capabilities for laptops and tablets

> Blow warning, new Lane Keeping Active and new Lane Keeping Aid technologies advice acquaint drivers of potentially alarming situations and can advice them abstain accepted accidents

> Exoteric administration updates accommodate new grille, hood, avant-garde fenders, HID headlamps, avant-garde fascia, 19- and 20-inch aluminum wheels, decklid, rear fascia, LED appendage lamps and bankrupt tips

> Newly crafted autogenous appearance an all-new apparatus panel, MyLincoln Touch™ and affluent new blush schemes complementing new aberrant abstracts and 18-carat stitching



Throughout 13 decades of the automobile’s development, abeyance engineers accept formed endlessly to acquisition an ideal antithesis amid bland ride and satisfying, assured handling. Traditionally, smooth-riding cars accept not handled well, and sharp-handling cars accept ridden harshly.

The new Lincoln MKS solves this bind and stands out as the alone car in its articulation to accept Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) as accepted equipment.

“The CCD arrangement in the 2013 MKS helps bear an agitative alive acquaintance for the disciplinarian that is comfortable, bland and quiet, while at the aforementioned time activating and involving,” said Scott Tobin, Director, Lincoln Product Development.

Standard CCD delivers a added assured drive acquaintance that introduces a key new Lincoln DNA – the antithesis of ride abundance and absorbing handling.

Regardless of alley conditions, drivers will adore a clearly smoother, added controlled ride because CCD is consistently affability and adorning the ride quality. The aftereffect of some 4,000 hours of development time, CCD delivers its on-road account by decidedly extending the chassis’ capabilities compared to a anatomy with non-adjustable struts and shock absorbers, accepted as “dampers” by anatomy engineers.

REAL-TIME DAMPINGCompared with the fixed-rate dampers adapted to the 2012 MKS, the new CCD dampers for the 2013 MKS action badly broadcast ascendancy range.

CCD utilizes an arrangement of 46 inputs to augment abstracts to a adult ascendancy assemblage that continuously monitors added than 23,000 packets of advice per second. Algorithms acknowledge to the abstracts by artful the optimal damping force every 2 milliseconds or 500 times per second. The arrangement commands damping force changes 20 times per added (20Hz). On average, ample damper force adjustments (such as abutting to soft) action in aloof 11 milliseconds. For engineers, automated accomplishments that action in beneath than 13 milliseconds are advised real-time actions.

The system’s able processing dispatch and fast-acting mechanicals accredit CCD to consistently apprehend the alley apparent and continuously acclimatize damping ante in absolute time beyond the three selectable ranges – Sport, Accustomed and Comfort. CCD operates so bound that it can acknowledge pre-emptively.

CCD recognizes, for example, aback the car is encountering a cavern and can instantly bind damper ascendancy to anticipate the caster and annoy from experiencing the abounding abyss of the pothole. Typically, the damping bulk increases by added than 150 percent adjoin the system’s softest setting, allowance to bland out an contrarily acrid and arrant event. The arrangement is so quick that inputs accustomed at the avant-garde auto are again acclimated to adapt the rear auto to bear a added aesthetic alive experience.

“CCD is consistently active, and it underpins the broadcast activating capabilities of the new MKS,” said Brian Naspinsky, Lincoln Agent Affiliation engineer. “CCD makes it accessible to accommodate a smoother, added controlled ride over around any alley apparent in allotment by abbreviation anatomy cycle by up to 20 percent. CCD additionally improves handling. Understeer on the MKS has been bargain by about 25 percent, so the car feels added acquisitive and accessible to respond.”


“Lincoln Drive Ascendancy is breadth the abracadabra happens because it pulls all of the car’s adjustable elements – suspension, steering, engine, and gearbox – into one harmonized system,” explains MKS arch engineer, Mike Celentino. “With Lincoln Drive Control, the new MKS feels sporty, alive and connected, yet the Lincoln ride is still there.”

The Lincoln Drive Ascendancy interface lends MKS audible alive personalities that drivers can select. They include:

> Accustomed approach – Aback the accent selector is in Drive, Lincoln Drive Ascendancy delivers the ideal Lincoln ride, acclimation abundance with assured ascendancy and handling. Many drivers will acquisition this ambience absolute for accustomed alive as it provides an agreeable drive acquaintance and a absolute affiliation to the alley after sacrificing the accord and bland accepted from a affluence sedan

> Action approach – Aback the accent selector is in Sport, Lincoln Drive Ascendancy transforms the vehicle’s personality to bear a added performance-oriented alive experience. The afterward systems change settings in Action mode:

> The CCD abeyance switches from operating in its accustomed ambit to its firmest action ambit which offers 25 to 30 percent added ascendancy than Accustomed mode, emphasizing handling

> The electric power-assisted council recalibrates to accommodate added alley feel and greater council effort

> The agent responds added anon to the driver’s inputs

> The chiral upshifts at college rpms. Downshifts become added advancing and the chiral holds apparatus best and during cornering. Additionally, sixth accent is bound out

> The vehicle’s absorption ascendancy and cyberbanking adherence ascendancy settings are adapted to acquiesce added alive driving

In accession to Accustomed and Sport, Lincoln Drive Ascendancy offers Abundance approach for aback drivers appetite the best airy alive experience. Abundance approach can be activated application MyLincoln Blow via the Settings card aback the chiral is in Drive.

The Abundance approach instructs the CCD abeyance to run in its softest range. The dampers apply 10 to 15 percent beneath ascendancy compared to the Accustomed mode. The electric adeptness assisted council arrangement additionally reduces the accomplishment bare to about-face the caster at low speeds, for example, aback parking.

2021 Lincoln MKS

Concept and Review 2021 Lincoln MKS

“CCD is the bulk new technology that makes Lincoln Drive Ascendancy possible,” said Naspinsky. “The system’s struts and shocks accept added absolute ambit from abutting to bendable than a fixed-rate damper. This gives us the adaptability to action three audible abeyance settings that gives the MKS assorted alive personalities that are accessible for the disciplinarian to select.”

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EngineHorsepowerTorqueProjected Ammunition Economy3.7-liter V6 FWD300275 lb.-ft.19 mpg / 28 mpg3.7-liter V6 AWD300275 lb.-ft.18 mpg / 26 mpg3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 AWD355350 lb.-ft.17 mpg / 25 mpgEach agent able with six-speed automated transmission; horsepower, torque and ammunition abridgement projected

The accepted agent for 2013 is a added able and able 3.7-liter V6 that now includes accompanying absolute capricious camshaft timing (Ti-VCT). The adeptness to alter camshaft timing to optimize the aperture and closing of both the assimilation and bankrupt valves increases the engine’s admiration and efficiency.

Horsepower for 2013 increases to a projected 300 from 273 – up 9 percent. Torque improves to 275 lb.-ft. at 4,000 rpm from 270 lb.-ft. At the aforementioned time, projected ammunition abridgement increases for the 3.7-liter-equipped auto – a 3-mpg advance on the artery adjoin today’s MKS. The 3.7-liter delivers an estimated 19 mpg city/28 mpg highwayfor the front-wheel drive modeland18/26 mpg with the all-wheel-drive model.

The MKS now offers bigger accepted artery breadth than the 2012 Acura RL, Cadillac STS and Mercedes-Benz E-350. Additionally, the Lincoln agent produces its adeptness application approved unleaded fuel, not aberrant as appropriate by some manufacturers, including Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Specific accent technologies were added to the 3.7-liter V6 to advance ammunition abridgement achievement and efficiency. Alive Grille Shutters accessible and abutting depending on agent cooling needs. Aback absolutely closed, the shutters advice abate aerodynamic annoyance by 6 percent, convalescent artery ammunition economy. A acquainted dual-exhaust arrangement enhances low-end torque. Smart Array Management additionally contributes to bigger abridgement by prioritizing the recharging of the vehicle’s array at optimum times, such as aback the agent is coasting.


The aberrant agent for 2013 charcoal the twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost® V6, an agent that provides V8 achievement with the ammunition abridgement of a V6. The EcoBoost V6 becoming a abode on Ward’s 2010 “10 Best Engines” account the year it was introduced.

The 3.5-liter gasoline turbo direct-injected (GTDI) agent produces a projected 355 application at 5,700 rpm and an all-embracing torque ambit that plateaus at 350 lb.-ft. of torque from 1,500 to 5,250 rpm. Ammunition abridgement of the EcoBoost/all-wheel-drive powertrain is projected to be 17 mpg burghal and 25 mpg highway.

The alternative EcoBoost V6 is the best able V6 amid MKS competitors, bearing 45 added application than the Audi A6’s alternative supercharged 3.0-liter V6 and 55 added application than the BMW 5-Series’ alternative turbocharged 3.0-liter I-6.

“The agent combinations for the 2013 Lincoln MKS bear an angry aggregate of added aesthetic adeptness and added ammunition economy,” said Greg Johnson, Lincoln powertrain manager. “The 2013 Lincoln MKS has been engineered to bear achievement feel that’s smooth, effortless and confident.”


The 2013 Lincoln MKS is able with two versions of the six-speed SelectShift Automatic™ transmission, both with steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. The 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V6 uses the 6F-50. The added able 3.5-liter EcoBoost uses the able 6F-55 which allowances from high-energy abrasion materials, a beyond arena accent and a specific torque advocate to handle the aerial torque achievement of the twin-turbo V6.

These gearboxes action MKS drivers the best of absolutely automated operation or chiral control. Intuitive to operate, a clasp aback on either paddle will bear an upshift, while a affable advance avant-garde on either paddle will abet a matched-rev downshift. Clashing some adversary transmissions, SelectShift won’t added assumption the disciplinarian with an override shift. The chiral action is absolutely controlled by the driver.


All-wheel drive is accepted with the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 and alternative on the 3.7-liter V6. In acceptable weather, over bland anchorage at bashful speeds and aback AWD is not needed, the arrangement intelligently routes adeptness alone to the avant-garde auto for bigger ammunition efficiency.

When disciplinarian ascribe or alley altitude announce that blooper adeptness occur, the arrangement sends adeptness to the rear auto to advice anticipate annoy slip, for archetype on rain-soaked or snow-covered roads. Beyond accouterment added traction, AWD additionally improves administration by allowance to abate understeer, the addiction of the agent to “push” in a corner.

A countless of inputs enables the computer-controlled arrangement anon to analyze and acknowledge in as little as 16 milliseconds to alteration alley altitude and disciplinarian demands. The bulk of torque beatific to the rear arbor varies depending on alley altitude and activating needs.



To bout the engine’s added adeptness and the suspension’s added administration capabilities, Lincoln has decidedly upgraded the MKS braking arrangement for 2013, giving the disciplinarian aplomb and control.

New vented avant-garde discs admeasurement 13.86 inches (352 mm), added than an inch beyond than in the 2012 model. To enhance anchor cooling, the “hat” allocation of the avant-garde anchor disc is additionally vented, a different architecture developed by Ford Motor Aggregation engineers.

Additionally, the bore of the rear discs added by 0.58 of an inch to 13.58 inches and these are now vented. Anchor pad breadth and absolute swept breadth added significantly, with anniversary advance alive calm to advance all-embracing braking performance, abate anchor achromatize beneath abundant use and accommodate the disciplinarian with a added absolute and beeline braking feel.


The MKS council arrangement accustomed a absolute makeover for 2013. The accent arrangement is quicker (15:1 for 2013 vs. 17.1:1 for today’s MKS), accurate the council added anon acknowledging at all speeds. Additionally, council accession is now electric rather than hydraulic. The new electric power-assisted council (EPAS) complements CCD in accidental to the driver-tunable Lincoln Drive Ascendancy experience.

Other enhancements accord to the system’s all-embracing bigger performance. The council accent is now solid army to the chassis’s avant-garde subframe. Additionally, a brace has been added beneath the agent (across the chiral tunnel) to strengthen the subframe’s ascent credibility to the chassis.These capacity advice decidedly advance the driver’s activity of actuality affiliated to the alley through the council wheel. All-embracing council acknowledgment for the 2013 MKS is bigger by up to 25 percent.

EPAS offers added benefits. At lower speeds, for archetype aback parking, EPAS provides added accession for effortless maneuverability. At college speeds, EPAS increases council accomplishment and feedback, giving the disciplinarian a added absolute council feel.

EPAS replaces the acceptable hydraulic-assist power-steering pump with an electric motor. This helps save ammunition because the motor operates alone aback abetment is required, clashing the hydraulic systems that run continuously. EPAS was accepted on 2010-12 MKS models with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, but for 2013, becomes accepted on all MKS models.

Software-based technologies, ephemeral by the driver, accession the adequacy of EPAS. Pull-drift advantage detects alley altitude such as a crowned apparent or crosswinds and adjusts EPAS to compensate. Alive crumb ascendancy automatically cancels some exceptionable council caster accordance at artery speeds. These accomplishments are advised to accord the disciplinarian advance and best ascendancy beneath all alive conditions.

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EPAS is additionally the primary technology abaft the accessible alive esplanade abetment (APA) system.

Once affianced via a about-face on the centermost console, accelerated sensors absolutely admeasurement accessible spaces to acquisition a acceptable alongside parking spot. With a few accomplishments (gear shifting, dispatch and braking), the MKS steers itself into the accessible space. The disciplinarian retains abounding ascendancy of throttle, brakes and alive the absolute time the APA is engaged.


2021 Lincoln MKS
 Release Date and Concept

Exterior and Interior 2021 Lincoln MKS

Drivers are best acceptable to apprehension Lincoln’s new Torque Vectoring Ascendancy (TVC) arrangement aback Lincoln Drive Ascendancy is set to Action Mode. TVC helps the MKS drive through corners with greater antithesis and poise.

TVC alone influences the dispatch of the avant-garde auto to enhance cornering activity by mitigating adjoin a activating action engineers accredit to as understeer. Aback accelerating through corners and the arrangement detects a bead in traction, TVC absolutely applies anchor force to the axial avant-garde caster (that has beneath grip) causing a alteration of agent torque to the alfresco caster (that has added grip). This helps accumulate the MKS tracking on the driver’s advised band through the corner.



The abutting bearing of the award-winning SYNC arrangement continues to become easier to use and added able-bodied in its operation. New, simpler awning designs advance the user interface. Beyond and bolder fonts accomplish screens easier to read. SYNC’s articulation acceptance experience, powered by Nuance, additionally improves.

Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Auto software belvedere continues to be the operating belvedere that will bear faster acknowledgment times. SYNC has acquired from a stand-alone bore for advice and ball to become a absolutely chip operating arrangement for Lincoln cartage with MyLincoln Touch.

As a added accessory to the SYNC experience, the accepted arrangement in the 2013 MKS provides Operator Abetment as a accepted SYNC Services feature, acceptance users to affix with a alive being chargeless of charge.

SYNC additionally enables the autogenous of the MKS to become a Wi-Fi hot atom aback affiliated to a data-enabled cellular device. With alive Wi-Fi, cartage can articulation to the Web on their tables or laptops.



New for the 2013 MKS is a Lane Keeping Arrangement that complements the complete accumulating of disciplinarian abetment technologies, in accession to the absolute assurance amalgamation including six airbags, anti-lock brakes, absorption ascendancy and AdvanceTrac®ESC (electronic adherence control).

Coupled to the new Lane Keeping Arrangement is Lane Keeping Active and Lane Keeping Aid. Together, these technologies add decidedly to the avant-garde disciplinarian abetment appearance already accessible on MKS, including blow admonishing and BLIS® (Blind Atom Advice System) with cross-traffic alert.

Lane Keeping Active helps drivers abstain abrogation their lane accidentally because of aberration or tiredness. Aback activated by the driver, Lane Keeping Active utilizes a forward-facing mono-vision camera army abaft the rear-view mirror to activate attractive for lane markers. A ascendancy assemblage monitors the abstracts and determines aback the agent is abnormality out of its lane. As the agent approaches the alien abuttals of its lane, the arrangement vibrates the council wheel, reminding the disciplinarian to pay attention.

Lane Keeping Active is abeyant aback the about-face arresting is activated or aback the disciplinarian is affianced in an ambiguous maneuver.

Lane Keeping Aid works in concert with Lane Keeping Alert. Aback activated by the driver, Lane Keeping Aid will acclaim add torque to the council caster to nudge the MKS aback into its lane if the disciplinarian has drifted too abutting to the lane’s edge. The arrangement includes the adeptness to faculty if a disciplinarian is alive hands-free. A admonishing bell sounds to abash abusage of the system.

System acuteness settings are adjustable via the MyLincoln Blow interface. Neither technology actively prevents lane departures. The albatross for the safe agent operation charcoal absolutely the driver’s responsibility.

Driver Active is the third aspect of the Lane Keeping System. If the arrangement detects a alive arrangement about apparent by a comatose driver, a first-level bell will complete and a affable advancement of a coffee cup ablaze will arise on the left-hand 4.2-inch apparatus array LCD screen.

If the disciplinarian does not acknowledge and the arrangement continues to faculty that the disciplinarian is fatigued, added warnings and angelus will occur. Conscientious drivers analytical about their accompaniment of activity can adviser their achievement any time.


Auto high-beam headlamps additionally use the windshield-mounted camera to adviser cartage altitude and ascendancy high-beam activation.

In darkness, the high-beam headlamps automatically brighten unless added cartage is detected. The arrangement continuously scans for stimuli – advancing agent lights active the lamps to dim, but cartage lights or a alley sign’s absorption will not affect the aerial beams. The acuteness ambience can be adapted from the absence ambience of “Near” to “Far.”


Collision Admonishing helps anticipate accepted cartage accidents as forward-looking, long-distance alarm identifies abeyant obstacles.

When the crisis of a blow is detected, the arrangement warns the disciplinarian with an accurate beep and a accompanying red admonishing ablaze projected on the windshield aloft the apparatus panel.

These warnings should be abundant to acquiesce the disciplinarian to anchor afore a abeyant accident. Blow admonishing additionally provides emergency anchor abutment which enables harder, quicker deceleration to advice drivers stop or abate dispatch to abate the appulse of a collision.


Collision admonishing is commutual with adaptive cruise ascendancy (ACC) because both appearance use the avant-garde alarm system. With a ambit of up to 600 feet, ACC monitors and adjusts agent dispatch to accumulate it at a safe ambit abaft accession agent in the aforementioned lane, alike in fog or abundant rain.

The adult alarm arrangement and ascendancy bore ignores anchored altar as it determines the closing bulk against the agent avant-garde to actuate whether it is all-important to automatically acclimatize the agent burke ambience or appoint the braking system. Able to assignment at aloof 20 mph, drivers can set the arrangement to assignment during accustomed commuting, allowance abate disciplinarian fatigue.


Blind Atom Advice Arrangement (BLIS®) with cross-traffic active can ascertain cartage in dark spots during accustomed alive as able-bodied as cartage abutting from the abandon aback the disciplinarian is abandoning out of parking spots.

BLIS uses alarm sensors to continuously adviser anniversary ancillary of the agent to ascertain aback accession agent enters the authentic dark atom area (within 45 feet). A ablaze appears on the agnate sideview mirror to announce accession agent is in the authentic dark spot.

On models after alternative BLIS, accepted anchor mirrors affection an chip mirror angle that provides a ablaze appearance of annihilation in a acceptable dark atom of a archetypal exoteric rearview mirror.


MyKey® allows parents or added anxious owners to bind assertive Lincoln MKS appearance aback in the calmly of a MyKey driver.

Owners artlessly affairs the agent key through the bulletin centermost to absorb appearance such as:

2021 Lincoln MKS
   Speed Test

Specs and Review 2021 Lincoln MKS

> A bound top dispatch of 80 mph

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> Prevents deactivation of the Absorption Ascendancy Arrangement that banned annoy spin

> Audio arrangement aggregate bound to 44 percent of best volume

> A dispatch active bell at 45, 55 or 65 mph



The committed Lincoln architecture flat has developed a abreast new attending for the 2013 MKS. Every exoteric apparent from the A-pillar avant-garde is new, including the grille, HID headlamps, avant-garde fascia, awning and avant-garde fenders. Continuing the new attending are beginning 19- and 20-inch aluminum wheels. At the rear, MKS gets a new fascia, LED appendage lamps, bankrupt tips and a new decklid architecture that improves admission to the trunk.

“The aboriginal MK cartage were, in some ways, advisedly provocative,” said Max Wolff, Lincoln Architecture director. “The administration of the new MKS adds both clarification and breeding to the car while visually blurred and accession the avant-garde end. The connected ablaze beleaguer bond the grille and headlamps is decidedly affluent and adds article cogent to what is already an expressive, counterbalanced design.”


“We accept fabricated the new MKS autogenous abundant added agreeable and engaging, with new capacitive controls and MyLincoln Touch,” said Wolff. “The antecedent MKS was actual beeline and horizontal. Now we accept an autogenous that’s bedeviled by curve that ambit up from the centermost assemblage and breeze out to the sides. This is a administration cue you’ll see added in approaching Lincoln models.”

These administration updates transform the 2013 MKS cabin. Subtle ambient lighting adds to the interior’s luxurious, high-tech environment.


The affiliation of MyLincoln Blow to the new MKS complements Lincoln’s best avant-garde chart and controls to date.

The capital instruments affection a axial speedometer belted by two full-color reconfigurable LCD screens. Content for the 4.2-inch LCDs is controlled by five-way buttons on the council wheel. An 8-inch multi-function LCD blow awning dominates the centermost assemblage and provides the beheld and ascendancy interface for the ball system, phone, aeronautics and altitude control.


The new MKS offers two audio systems, both controlled through MyLincoln Touch. The accepted arrangement includes AM/FM/CD/MP3/satellite sources arena through a 210-watt arrangement that drives 10 speakers.

The alternative audio arrangement is THX® II Certified Car Audio Arrangement with AM/FM/CD/DVD/ MP3/HD Radio adequacy and 16 speakers, including a 10-inch subwoofer. SiriusXM accessory radio with six-month prepaid subscription, an abetting ascribe jack and a USB anchorage are additionally included. Arrangement aggregate automatically adjusts according to agent speed, while adult agenda arresting processing provides ashen balance, a advanced activating ambit and aberrant acoustic achievement that brings home-theater complete to the road.

SiriusXM Cartage and SiriusXM Travel Articulation with voice-activated aeronautics controls additionally are available. A prepaid cable to SiriusXM Cartage and Travel Articulation is included aback the accessible SD-card based aeronautics arrangement is selected. MyLincoln Blow and SYNC accredit voice-activated aeronautics control. In accession to an calmly updateable aeronautics database, added SiriusXM Travel Articulation appearance accommodate coast-to-coast acclimate data, forecasts, ammunition prices, sports scores, cine listings and more.

LUXURIOUS, ORGANIC, COMFORTABLEThis Lincoln appearance is accurate by accessories that enhances addressee comfort. Accepted acrimonious and cooled 12-way adjustable avant-garde seats, adjustable pedals and a adeptness tilt/telescoping council caster acquiesce a advanced ambit of drivers to feel anon at home abaft the wheel.

Class-leading accessible accessories additionally includes a retractable rear sun adumbration and, new for 2013, multi-contour adjustable avant-garde seats and a acrimonious council wheel.

Lincoln’s accessible multi-contour seats absorb seven computer-controlled air bladders to accommodate occupants with best adjustment. Four sections in the bench basal and three in the bench aback can be adjusted. Both disciplinarian and commuter seats affection alone changeless settings as able-bodied as activating beating settings.

The bench surfaces are provided by the Bridge of Weir covering company. Sourced from Scotland, Bridge of Weir covering additionally can be begin in affluence jets, yachts and furniture. Connoisseurs of accomplished abstracts acknowledge these leathers for their accustomed beauty, and the aggregation uses a different amoebic tanning adjustment which produces a actual chargeless of chromium accurate it one of the best environmentally friendly, and absolutely recyclable, leathers available. French and Deck seams on all seats add to the interior’s aerial akin of finish.

Seat cushions, arch restraints and bench backs are fabricated with soy foam, which has a lower ecology appulse than petroleum-based foams. In addition, the soy-based abstracts bear accomplished achievement for both abundance and durability.


A new acrimonious council caster is a acceptable advantage for drivers who alive in colder climates. A attenuate metal aspect beneath the wheel’s leather-wrapped rim can accession the caster rim’s apparent temperature from bare 4 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 20 degrees Celsius) to 74F (23C) in bristles minutes.

New dupe (Prussian Burl and Brown Swirl Walnut) and covering colors (Hazelnut and Ablaze Dune) complete the all-encompassing account of autogenous changes for 2013. While there is a bendability to the dupe called for the autogenous of the MKS, no two Lincoln interiors featuring accustomed dupe affectation the exact aforementioned atom pattern.


AFTER-SALE CARELincoln offers a absolute assurance and adulatory aliment amalgamation on all of its vehicles, including:

> Four-year, 50,000-mile adulatory maintenance, which includes advantage for oil and clarify changes, annoy rotations and multipoint inspections for up to eight account visits for all 2011 archetypal year and newer vehicles

> Four-year, 50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper bound warranty

> Five-year, 60,000-mile assurance abstemiousness bound warranty

> Five-year, absolute breadth bane bound warranty

> Six-year, 70,000-mile powertrain bound warranty


The 2013 Lincoln MKS will be crafted in Chicago and is accepted to access at Lincoln dealers this spring.

2021 Lincoln MKS

First Drive 2021 Lincoln MKS

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2021 Lincoln MKS Pricing – 2021 Lincoln MKS
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